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Episode 9 - Yasmin Poole

For our ninth episode, we sit down with Yasmin Poole, Chair of the Victorian Youth Congress in 2018, an advisory group of people aged between 12-24 formed by the Victorian Government to shape policy affecting young people.

Together we discuss reasons why young people are disengaged with politics and how to re-engage them, the importance of authenticity and honesty in media, how to support the representation of women in politics and showcasing the voices of young people on a national television platform.

“[Don’t] be dissuaded by the reputation of politics because you can change that. You might not change it all… but you being in that is the first step rather than not being in it at all.”

Show Notes:

You can watch the episode of Q&A that Yasmin featured on here and if you want to continue to follow Yasmin’s advocacy work, please check out her website.

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