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Lantern Podcast

Lantern is a podcast about young people trying to 'change the world' and trying to understand what that actually means. It's a place to discuss the challenging questions and some actual solutions too.

There are a lot of problems that face the globe.

We as young people will face most of them to the largest extent: climate change, global poverty and urban inequality just to name a few; none with easy solutions to what are complex problems.

We want to explore the young people trying to solve these issues and the strategies they are pursuing.

From finance to activism to engineering to film we want to ask the hard questions and explore the emerging trends.

We want to understand how - the story, motivations, philosophies, learnings and strategies.

Come along for the ride.

Listen Now

All episodes of Lantern are available free to stream or download online our website, top streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes or Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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