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Our Merch

A few people have asked if we had merch and the truth is we just wanted to rep Project Lantern everywhere.


Icon Cap

Dad caps just got better.

100% Recycled & Upcycled Materials.


Made sustainably in Indonesia in collaboration with Topiku.


Our Sustainability Commitment

100% Upcycled/Recycled Materials

We want to minimise our environmental impact on the earth so we're collabing with Topiku to bring you caps made from 100% upcycled & recycled materials.


of Profits Support Young People

Every single dollar of profit goes back to supporting Project Lantern's completely volunteer-led initiatives.


Ethical Supply Chain

We don't believe in child labour, sweatshops and people not getting paid a living wage. We're committed to working with sustainable local suppliers. 

In Collaboration With Topiku




We're linking up with Topiku for our first drop of merch. Every time we embark on new project we want to make sure we can amplify our impact by collaborating with awesome orgs who are committed to giving back to their own communities and making the world a better place. We're pumped to be working with Topiku on this first drop and excited to have our hats made from up-cycled and recycled waste materials (the brim comes from a recycled plastic bucket!) and supporting local Indonesian artisans to boot.

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