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Episode 7 - Corine Taylor, Cristina Lucas and Luca Servodio

For our seventh episode, Anastasia Rachinskaya sits down with Corine Taylor, Cristina Lucas and Luca Servodio, all members of the LA 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Together they discuss how the three all act on their passion for the environment, their city and engaging the community, and how they're changing the through through the mega-event that brings the world together - the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"Trust your process and if you're not involved in something that you're completely passionate about, it's never too late... listen to your heart, take a leap of faith and jump on an opportunity that really speaks to you."

Show Notes:

If you're interested in following the journey of LA 2028 or would like to help out as they continue to prepare the city for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, then check out their website, Facebook page or Twitter.

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