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Episode 6 - Rita Nehme

For our sixth episode, Naomi Smith and Reegan Quick sit down with Rita Nehme, co-founder of Steer North, to discuss her journey behind co-founding the organisation, how the epic bike rides across the nation work and are organised, her method for creating awareness within communities, both the roles of charities and nature of the term ‘social enterprise’, as well as her personal advice on starting a purpose driven organisation.

"A lot of the time, you feel like you have to have everything in place before you start something, or everything needs to be aligned... and everything has to be strategic and so planned before you make a move, but it's not the case"

Show Notes:

You can find out more about Steer North’s mission to promote and inspire people to live healthy, active and creative lives or sign up for one of their future rides on their website. You can also follow Rita’s work on her twitter.

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