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Episode 4 - Yash Kothari

In our fourth episode, Asanga Seneviratne chats with Yash Kothari, Product/Growth at GiveDirectly & Former Co-Founder & CEO of Y-Combinator backed Prayas Analytics. They discuss finding your purpose, Yash's journey from the tech to not-for-profit space, learning from best practices in the for-profit sector, intelligence tests in impact work, recruiting the best talent into not-for-profits and of course GiveDirectly's mission to reshape international giving via direct cash transfers.

"Realise that opportunities aren't as limited as they seem, really reflect on what you want... and go after that"

Show Notes:

You can learn more about GiveDirectly's initiatives and how you can support their work on their website. You can follow Yash's work on his Twitter and his latest thoughts on his blog, Mind Mentos

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