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Episode 12 - Abhinav Suri

For our twelfth episode, Asanga Seneviratne sits down with Abhinav Suri, Co-Director and Project Manager of Hack4Impact, an organisation connecting student software developers with impact focused organisations to create positive change through technology and coding. Together they discuss how Abhinav co-founded Apps for Aptitude in high school to provide opportunities for students to learn how to code, advice on building a network of supports around an initiative, how Hack4Impact uses coding to solve technological problems for non-for-profits, as well as the potential impact artificial intelligence will have on economic equality.

"We can always teach someone the technical background they need to do these projects, but we can't necessarily teach that inherent drive for social impact"

Show Notes:

If you’re interested in finding out more about the projects that Abhinav has worked on or following his journey more broadly, then please be sure to check out his website or twitter.

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