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Episode 16 - Adam Mostogl

For our sixteenth and final episode of season 1, Yaz Naji and Reegan Quick sit down with Adam Mostogl, founder of Illuminate Education & Consulting, an organisation dedicated to empowering young people through delivering practical workshops in entrepreneurship within primary schools and high schools across the nation. Together they discuss the need of an entrepreneurial skill set in the modern economy, the value coworking spaces can offer small businesses, ways in which communities can be incorporated into education, how to re-engage students with education, potential reform that the education system needs and how organisations can assist this.  

"Our education, its definition is to create active and engaged citizens and I feel like we're really doing that because students want to keep learning and want to be engaged"

Show Notes:

If you’re interested in following the work that Adam does with Illuminate Education and Consulting, please check out their website or their Facebook.

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